Take action

Individuals and organisations can support THIRST’s important mission with a contribution. A regular contribution will help ensure the stability and continuity of our work to support tea workers and farmers.


In addition, we invite civil society organisations of any size to get involved – including trade unions and other worker representatives, NGOs, campaigning organisations etc – in any country who are working on any aspect of improving the lives of the women and men producing tea and their families and communities. Find ideas of how you could get involved below or contact us if you have an idea of your own.


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Join or propose an event

Propose or participate in information sharing events such as roundtables or workshops.

Join or propose a working group

Join or propose a working group focusing on a particular issue or geographical area – like the Assam group.

Propose a research project

Or ask to be sign-posted to information or experts on particular topics related to the wellbeing of tea workers and farmers.

Join or propose advocacy actions

Propose or join advocacy actions with other civil society organisations.

Volunteer or work for THIRST

Use your specialist expertise to help build the knowledge base on tea workers’ and farmers’ rights.