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THIRST brings you a range of news, analysis and events to help you keep track of human rights and environmental developments in the tea industry around the world. These include announcements of new publications and events such as discussions on topical issues, monthly news updates and thought provoking blogs. We welcome news, guest blogs and suggestions of topics for future TEA Talks from all sections of the tea sector – but especially civil society.

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How is coronavirus affecting your precious cuppa?

The minute there was a whiff of shortage in the air – when the then still unfamiliar word “lockdown” was first being whispered – it triggered in the British a […]
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A Happy New Decade for tea workers?

Exactly half way through this last decade, the women tea workers of Munnar in South India rose up and said ‘Enough’. They demonstrated against the tea company for keeping them […]
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THIRST for Vision

Human Rights in Assam Tea Estates – The Long View is a literature review covering eight documents spanning 15 years of the Assam tea industry. These documents were written by […]

THIRST for Perspective – notes on an Indian tea tour

During my three week Indian tea industry tour in January this year, I travelled from the urban powerhouses of Delhi and Kolkata to the mountains of Darjeeling through the plains […]