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THIRST brings you a range of news, analysis and events to help you keep track of human rights and environmental developments in the tea industry around the world. These include announcements of new publications and events such as discussions on topical issues, monthly news updates and thought provoking blogs. We welcome news, guest blogs and suggestions of topics for future TEA Talks from all sections of the tea sector – but especially civil society.

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Monthly Update – May 2021

THIRST News THIRST for spreading awareness This month, THIRST has featured on Jing Tea’s website and the Tea For Me blog, sharing thoughts on sustainability and human rights in tea […]
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THIRST’s Human Rights Impact Assessment of the global tea sector

Tea Biz reports on THIRST’s plan to launch a ground-breaking three year Human Rights Impact Assessment of the global tea sector. Assessing Human Rights in Tea

TEA Talks 5: Technology, Transparency and Tea

The tea industry is an ancient and traditional one, but even tea is beginning to open up to technological innovations. Some of these are helping to improve transparency on India’s […]
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Is there a role for co-operatives in the tea industry?

Following the TEA Talk, Are Tea Cooperatives Better for Human Rights? Stirling Smith explores the history and efficacy of cooperatives in improving conditions for tea farmers and former plantation workers. […]

TEA Talk: Can speciality tea be a force for good/change?

While the conventional tea trade has continued along its well worn path of vast tea plantations housing and employing thousands of workers to supply the world with most of its […]

TEA Talk: Are tea cooperatives better for human rights?

In February’s THIRST TEA Talk, Dr Miriam Wenner of Goettingen University shared the findings of her research on two tea cooperatives in Darjeeling. It concludes that how a cooperative is […]
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Imagine… a tea industry that puts people first

Simplifying supply chains? Not so simple. Starting out as a discussion on simplifying supply chains and sharing value more equally, THIRST’s latest TEA Talk blossomed out into a fascinating discourse […]

Thinking Allowed: TEA – A Dark History

BBC Radio 4’s Laurie Taylor talks to the historian, Seren Charrington-Hollins, about the exploitation, wars & intrigue at the heart of the history of that most ‘British’ hot beverage. Also, […]

TEA Talk: Simplifying supply chains, sharing value more fairly

If producers have a greater share of the value, could they provide workers and farmers with living wages and better living and working conditions? In June 2020 we asked how […]
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Want to hear some good news about women workers?

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear some good news about women workers for a change?  News like collective bargaining clauses being introduced that commit employers to prioritising providing employment to […]
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Join the call for tea buyers to support Assam wage increase

The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights are clear that businesses have a responsibility to respect human rights throughout their supply chains. Yet, as the strike by thousands […]

TEA Talk: Making Social Dialogue work for women workers

The majority of workers in the lowest paid roles in tea production are women. Yet these are among the most crucial roles – especially plucking tea. But they often feel […]