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THIRST brings you a range of news, analysis and events to help you keep track of human rights and environmental developments in the tea industry around the world. These include announcements of new publications and events such as discussions on topical issues, monthly news updates and thought provoking blogs. We welcome news, guest blogs and suggestions of topics for future TEA Talks from all sections of the tea sector – but especially civil society.

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When women roar,  the world listens… so keep roaring!

This International Women’s Day, as the newspapers report that it will take 300 years to reach gender equality, and about the sexual exploitation of women on Kenyan tea plantations (reminding […]
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THIRST News Update – March 2023

Highlights: BBC exposé of widespread sexual abuse in Kenyan tea plantations: stakeholder responses. Supermarkets publish HRIAs on tea supply. W Bengal gov gives land rights & housing to tea workers. […]
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Why did all those policies, procedures and trainings fail to protect women in Kenyan tea?

A few years ago, there was one company that stood out as having the best record in levelling up the power imbalance between women and men working in tea. It […]
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THIRST News Update – January/February 2023

Highlights: Precarious tea livelihoods resulting in strikes, absenteeism; battle continues for improved housing & land rights; increasing efforts to tackle climate impacts in tea; wide range of civil society and […]

THIRST Trustee recruitment

THIRST is governed by a Board of Trustees which currently has six members. Between them they bring a wide range of valuable expertise, knowledge and connections to the organisation in […]
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THIRST News Update – December 2022

Highlights: Repatriated Sri Lankan tea workers at risk of redundancy, homelessness;  to poverty and other problems for tea workers and farmers persist; solutions offered include tech, training, family friendly policies, […]
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Tea producers: tell us your side of the story

For almost two centuries, since the inception of the tea industry, criticism for low pay and poor living and working conditions for tea workers has been directed primarily at owners […]
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THIRST News Update – November 2022

Highlights: Tea industry under widespread strain; women tea workers can – and do – break cultural stereotypes; new resources on THIRST Knowledge Hub; invitation to take part in tea producer […]
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THIRST News Update – October 2022

Highlights: Kenyans sue UK government for land theft, abuses; human rights abuses persist across tea origins; climate crisis and fluctuating prices drive tea farmers to alternative income sources; wage struggles […]
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THIRST News Update – September 2022

Highlights: Bangladeshi tea workers win half demanded wage rate; smallholders demand better prices; health and safety legal action by Finlays workers resumes; five die in climate-related accidents. Image: Tea workers […]
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THIRST News Update – August 2022

Highlights: Financial crises prompt innovation & alternative use of tea land; gov’s recognise deprivation of tea workers; small tea growers struggle in Kerala, thrive in Kenya; inflation erodes wage rises, […]
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UPDATE: Human Rights Impact Assessment of the Tea Sector

THIRST is conducting a human rights impact assessment of the tea sector. Working with civil society and industry across the world, it is exploring how the human rights of women […]