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Ethical Tea Partnership

The Ethical Tea Partnership is a UK-based Private Limited Company with an international membership of tea producers and tea companies working to improve the sustainability of the tea industry.


IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative

IDH has been active in the tea sector for ten years. Over these years, we have been addressing core sustainable issues. We have built partnerships across issues ranging from living wage and working conditions, to gender issues including gender-based violence, to living income and smallholder profitability, to climate change and deforestation. Through our partnerships and joint roadmaps, we are working step by step in prominent tea producing regions in Africa and Asia on sustainable production, and on sustainable procurement in Western Europe and Asia.

Improving Lives programme 

UNICEF and Ethical Tea Partnership programme for girls and young women in Assam. The Improving Lives programme aims to support women, children and families living on 205 tea estates, working end-to-end in the supply chain to address the wider systems that impact the lives of workers and their families and to drive sustainable change for children.




Nazdeek is a legal empowerment organization committed to bringing access to justice closer to marginalized communities in India.

It has campaigned for many years to improve wages for tea workers in Assam and has published reports on wages and on maternal health of Assam tea workers.


Society for Education and Human Development – Tea Workers

The Society for Environment and Human Development (SEHD) is a non-profit Bangladeshi organization working for human rights and environmental justice through research, training, dialogue and advocacy.

It has published several books and research reports on conditions for tea workers in Bangladesh.



The Truth About Tea

Oxfam India’s awareness-raising campaign about conditions for Assam tea workers



Who Picked My Tea?

Traidcraft’s successful campaign to persuade UK tea brands to publicise which estates they source their Assam tea from.