THIRST publications


Human Rights in Assam Tea Estates – The Long View

A review of reports on conditions for tea workers in Assam by NGOs, academics, media and others spanning 15 years and more, identifying common themes, issues and recommendations.  The review reveals that many of the same issues have been raised for decades; what is needed now is not more reports, but action on these endemic problems.



THIRST Briefing – East and South East Asia

A literature review of conditions for workers and small farmers in East and South East Asia. There are far fewer resources available on this region than for others such as South Asia, highlighting a gap that THIRST invites civil society organisations or academics to fill.


THIRST Briefing – Initial impact of covid19 on tea workers

Notes on the impact that the lockdowns and economic slow-down had on tea workers in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic including loss of the valuable ‘first flush’ crop, loss of markets, travel and transport restrictions etc. This Briefing will be updated from time to time to reflect ongoing developments.


THIRST Briefing – Pempila Orumai – 2015 women workers’ uprising in Munnar

In 2015 in Munnar, in the South Indian state of Kerala, several thousand women tea pluckers struck for 9 days, calling for a 20% bonus to be reinstated, a wage rise and improvements in their benefits and conditions. They dissasociated themselves from trade unions, claiming they were not representing them effectively. They won on the bonus issue and a slight wage increase, but the struggle for better conditions and for full recognition of the movement – now an established trade union – is ongoing.