Roundtable on Human Rights in the Tea Sector – The Big Picture. May 31st

Roundtable on Human Rights in the Tea Sector – The Big Picture. May 31st

THIRST’s Literature Review report on human rights across the global tea industry will be published in mid-May. This roundtable is an opportunity to discuss the findings with multiple tea industry stakeholders and explore a way forward together.

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The review finds that issues such as low pay, gender discrimination and poor health and safety are found across multiple tea origins, implying that the root causes are systemic… How true is this? If so, what can be done? By whom? And how?

The literature review is the first phase of THIRST’s Human Rights Impact Assessment of the Tea Sector. The second phase – for which the literature review provides a basis – will involve a global tea producers’ survey and interviews with industry actors at every stage of the value chain and with technical experts to deepen and enrich our analysis of the issues and to explore potential solutions.

At each stage THIRST will bring together key stakeholders in the sector to discuss findings and to explore potential changes to mitigate human rights impacts of the industry on tea workers and farmers and their environment.

Together, we will co-create a ‘highway map’ towards a fair and thriving tea industry for everyone.

Be part of the journey. Join the roundtable on May 31st, 13:30-15:30 BST